SLT-Mobitel and Epic Technology Launch ‘Helaviru’
Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021

SLT-Mobitel and Epic Technology Launch ‘Helaviru’

3 May 2021 07:24 am

SLT -Mobitel and Epic Technology Group recently announced the launch of the “Helaviru: Agro-Produce and Commodities Trading Exchange”, a cloud-based digital marketplace that facilitates seamless trading and exchange of Agro-Produce and Commodities among diverse stakeholders in Sri Lanka.

‘Helaviru’ will enable farmers and growers to sell their produce in a timely manner at a reasonable price through the use of digital technology, without the hassles involved in the physical marketplace, SLT said in a media release.

The ‘Helaviru’ digital platform is conceptualised, designed and developed by Epic Technology Group and powered by SLT-MOBITEL’s cloud-based infrastructure, hosted in SLT’s state -of- the- art data centre and will be operationalised as a joint commercial initiative of both companies.

LAUGFS Supermarkets (Pvt) Ltd and Softlogic Holdings PLC have come on board as strategic partners of the ‘Helaviru’ initiative. As strategic partners, the companies will give their support and assistance in promoting ‘Helaviru’ and popularising it among agriculture stakeholders in Sri Lanka and will encourage diverse stakeholders to actively use the platform for mutual benefit.

In addition to being a strategic partner, LAUGFS Supermarkets (Pvt) Ltd will also be a major buyer of products on the platform for the LAUGFS Super Market Chains. Similarly, Softlogic Holdings owned GLOMARK Supermarkets will come onboard as a major buyer, while the conglomerate’s retailer network, Softlogic Retail Pvt Ltd, which is a leading retailer in the Sri Lankan consumer electronics and furniture industry that has spread across the island, is committed to promoting the platform among consumers through their retail outlets, the release said.

‘Helaviru’ will act as the single platform that connects diverse stakeholders of the Agro-Produce and Commodities supply-chain from seeding to shipment. It will enable commercial transactions among all stakeholders, create a set of common and micro services for all levels of stakeholders and provide scalable and streamlined infrastructure for Supply Chain Management.


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