Rural road construction continues bridging the urban and rural gap
Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021

Rural road construction continues bridging the urban and rural gap

9 June 2021 07:23 am

Government continues its efforts of bridging the urban and rural gap by providing services and infrastructure facilities equally across all segments of the country is one of the key focuses of uts Policy Framework.

 Developing transport  network  to  ensure  an  efficient  and  environmentally  friendly  public  transport  system  will support achieving this envisaged target, Finance  Ministry sources said. 

Accordingly, the Government has entered into a Framework Financing Agreement on 14thAugust,  2017  with  the  Asian  Development  Bank  (ADB)  to  obtain  a  time  slice  multi-tranche financing  facility of  USD  900  million  to  finance  the  Second Integrated Road Investment Program 

The  investment  program  is  currently  being  implemented  under the Ministry of Highways to  improve  the  accessibility  of  the  road network in rural areas, and thereby support rural economic and social development. Upgrading and maintaining  ofabout 3,400 kilometers (km) of  rural  access  roads  in  Eastern,  Northern,  Uva, and Western  provinces.


In  addition, around  340  km  of  national  roads  between  the  selected  rural  communities  and  social  economic centers  of  the  above  provinces  will  be  rehabilitated  and  maintained  in  good  condition  and  also improve  the  capacity  of  road  agencies  with  respect  to  safeguards,  road  safety,  maintenance, research  capacity,  and  road  design  and  construction.  

The  overallprogram  is  scheduled  to  be completed  by  31stMarch,2027.The  Government  of  Sri  Lanka  has  obtained  first  two  tranches amounting to USD 300 million out of the above USD 900 million to finance the ongoing contracts under the Program.

The Loan Agreement for the third Tranche of the Second I-road Program, amounting to USD 200 million was signed by. S R Attygalle, Secretary, Ministry of Financeand Mr. Chen Chen, Country Director, ADB Resident Mission in Sri Lanka on 28thMay,2021 on behalfof the Government of Sri Lanka and ADB respectively.

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