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Monday, 17 May 2021

Issues and Opinions

Com Bank becomes Sri Lanka’s first carbon – neutral bank

2021-04-28 07:26:00

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has become the first Sri Lankan bank to achieve carbon neutrality for the entirety of its operations, encompassing all 268 branches and its head office – a monumental milestone in the Bank’s commitment to the environment...

Edible oil firms shut production while planters cry foul over uprooting plantations

2021-04-28 07:23:00

Palm oil importers and producers along with oil palm cultivators suffered a major blow as Sri Lanka banned imports of the world’s most-consumed cooking oil and ordered to get rid of all the tropical trees in the country in phased manner...

W B predicts economic recovery for Sri Lanka despite challenges

2021-04-11 07:39:00

The World Bank predicts that Sri Lanka’s economy will recover this year even amidst challenges...

Sri Lankan rupee goes down the drain with foreign currency swaps

2021-04-11 07:37:00

A significant depreciation pressure on the Sri Lankan rupee was observed since the dates of entering into Currency swap agreements with India and China...

Mahapola Trust Fund‘s corrupt practices exposed

2021-04-11 07:33:00

Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund, has been involved in several malpractices in investing money of the fund without proper accountability, parliamentary committee report revealed...

Importation of Motor Cars can add to the forex burden

2021-04-04 07:19:00

Vehicle Importers’ Association of Sri Lanka are shouting that the import ban is doing more harm than good for the Government in terms of revenue. This is somewhat true. The government decision to ban imports of what it termed “non-essential” items was taken to limit the foreign exchange outflow in order to meet our debt obligations and keep the currency stable...

Exchange Rates CBSL 25.03.2021

2021-03-25 07:28:00

Exchange Rates CBSL 25.03.2021..

Government vows to maintain the present tax regime stable for 5 years

2021-03-25 07:21:00

Sri Lanka’s tax regime will be maintained stable at the present level in the next five years without undergoing any changes, Presidential Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundara has vowed sternly...

Nivard says doomsayers will be disappointed again

2021-02-23 07:24:00

Money, Capital Markets and Public Enterprises Reform State Minister Nivard Cabraal declared yesterday that doomsayers of Sri Lanka will be disappointed when the country honours its foreign debt repayment track record...