State Minister Cabraal calls on investors not to miss SL’s “awesomeness”
Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021

State Minister Cabraal calls on investors not to miss SL’s “awesomeness”

9 June 2021 07:26 am

Foreign and local investors could get tremendous returns Investors as significant opportunities exist in many economic sectors in the country, claims Finance, State Minister Ajith Nivard Cabraal.

Highlighting Sri Lanka has maintained policy consistency, Mr Cabraal, asserted that the measures taken by the government during the ongoing turbulent times affirm its determination in realising the growth targets.

 He made these observations during his address at Investor Forum 2021 in Colombo,

While taking into account the policy consistency offered by the country, investors should “examine the richness of the site, listen to the melody and analyse what can be achieved in the country and by doing so, Sri Lanka’s awesome potential will be seen”, he said.

Acknowledging that it is incentives that would draw the eyes of investors to Sri Lanka, Cabraal promised that the government would ensure the investors would be able to reap the benefits of such.

Among other promises were the promise of establishing a sustainable policy framework, improving the ease of doing business indicator and providing enabling legislation.

Meanwhile, on the home front, State Minster Cabraal called on local businesses and companies to think long term, so that the macroeconomic fundamentals can be maintained.

“Forge partnerships between yourselves and foreign investors, build spaces and reserves in your companies and then you would find that you would have the necessary ability to go forward with Sri Lanka,” he said.

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